Monday, September 5, 2011

A Trade

Despite being back into collecting for over a year, I've yet to trade any cards. Part of that is I worked to intentionally avoided purchasing cards I already owned, even skipping past lots where I needed most, but not all of the cards. After collecting for quite some time, I realized in some instances it was cheaper to purchase lots and despite keeping an organized list, there were times where I would end up with two of the same card, thank you George Bell Hands Above Head/George Bell Follow Through.

Having accumulated approximately 20 T206 duplicates, I sat down Saturday morning and start scanning, scanning, scanning cards where I had a second copy. In most cases, I would make a choice about which cards belongs in the set and which card would be available for trade, though I was unable to choose between 1912 Triple Crown Winner Heinie Zimmermans. After making the album, I posted my doubles on and received an offer on the Jerry Freeman card at the top of the page. As it allowed me to mark one more card off of my set list, I accepted eagerly.

Now, it is time to pack off Jerry Freeman, wrap him in cardboard, place him in a bubble wrap envelope and take him to the post office to send him to his new owner, who will hopefully enjoy the card as I much as what I will be receiving in return.

If anyone is interested in trading tobacco cards, I've put links to my two trade albums below.

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