Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Topps Stickers


Growing up, some of my favorite products were baseball and football stickers. The stickers had an easy to purchase album and in some cases, even created larger pictures. The Panini sticker albums even contained foil stickers, which to a child were like candy, since they stuck and were shiny, really the zenith of what anyone under the age of 12 could want in a collectable.

Since my return to collecting, I did manage to recreate a 1987 Topps Baseball sticker album with fresh stickers. It only took one and a half boxes to find every sticker and probably would have taken a box and a quarter if I had not accidentally stuck a Lloyd Moseby sticker in the spot for George Bell. An error I was able to eventually rectify.

Recently, I saw that Topps was going to release a set of stickers and was intrigued. I liked the idea of the sticker set and was intrigued, but a little disappointed by the New York heavy list of legends. Nonetheless, at a local Target, I found a box of stickers and purchased the pack above.

I was very happy with the entire product. The product dispenses with the idea of inserts and focuses on a base set as the selling point, much like a product from 1980s and earlier. The pictures are sharp, but still have that same sticker issue that makes it hard to figure out how to release them from their paper prisons. I was also pleasantly surprised by the shiny foil stickers of the teams and how it harkens back to the Panini stickers.

I think the only thing which could have made the product better would be a return to the two players per sticker look of the past, if only to allow for more players to be placed on stickers to collect. Nonetheless, I would be pleased if there was also a card set which retained this simple elegance and set.

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