Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Tinker's Chance

The silence around these parts was certainly not golden.  Today is the first time since Monday I've had both power and internet on something more substantial than a mobile phone charged from my car.  So, being directly in the path of Superstorm Sandy's path, I've sadly spent more time looking for gas, electricity and heat than sportscards.  Of course, while awaiting the direct hit which stole away my basic essentials and left me dark, I did the only thing a rational person would do.  Purchase sportscards.

I would show you pictures, but as the storm was racing up the coast, I found a great deal on Tinker (Bat on Shoulder) about four hours before I lost power.  Of course, as the card was in another part of the state, Tinker is still sitting, waiting to be mailed to my address.  But given my lack of power, I can wait a few days to put old Joe Tinker in the box.  I bought some other cards as well, but will wait to have power, internet, the cards in hand and access to a scanner to post those cards for all to see. 

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