Sunday, January 13, 2013

10 Packs, 12 Dollars, What Could Go Wrong?!?!? (Part 3)

(Now with Part 4 erasing Part 3!!!)

With only four packs left, I am starting to feel that perhaps this was not the wisest purchase I have ever made at a Target.  Let's look at two more packs that I've opened and sat on for the last two weeks. 

Pack 7 - 1991 Fleer Ultra

Mariners Foil Sticker - Nothing says "premium" cards like the inclusion of a foil sticker.  Actually, nothing says Panini baseball stickers like the inclusion of a foil sticker.  Let's move on.
28 - Tom Bolton
36 - Tim Naehring
49 - Mark Langston
165 - Mike Morgan
179 - Dan Plesac
233 - Mel Hall
240 - Hensley Meulens - I believe this Bam-Bam card is the high point of the pack.  Well, that or discovering they numbered the cards by team in alphabetical order from Atlanta Braves to Toronto Blue Jays.
301 - Andy Benes
312 - Garry Templeton
358 - Roberto Alomar
370 - David Wells (pre-gout)
391 - Barry Bonds (Great Performances)
394 - David Justice (Great Performances)

Aside from the bright colors on the back and the poor man's Leaf look to the cards (and we all know that Leaf is the poor man's Stadium Club), there is little to say about this pack.

Pack 8 - 1988 Score

17 cards, bright colors, no waiting.  I think pulling this pack out of the box was the low water mark of opening the box.  Not the packs, mind you, but the box.  As a child, I opened many boxes of this product at cost.  So, it is hard to get excited about a 50 cent pack in your repack box.

Upon opening the pack, I was struck by two things.  First, Score also made Sportflics or vice versa, which I only put together again when I saw the offer on the back for young superstars and then saw the "Magic Motion"trivia card contained within.  Second, when I opened the pack, I saw the cards were color sorted.  And each 110 card sheet was a different color making it appear that instead of mixing all of the cards, they select a certain number of cards from each sheet and add them into the pack.  Quite the odd method of collation, but I'm sure 24 years ago, this was a revolutionary sorting practice.  Let's break it down by color!


51 - Doug Drabek (Dented)
69 - Howard Johnson
71 - Keith Moreland


184 - Danny Darwin
196 - Dan Pasqua
204 - Garth Iorg


234 - Greg Brock
246 - Jimmy Jones
254 - Johnny Ray


383 - Buddy Biancalana
397 - Randy St. Claire


450 - Dale Murphy
540 - George Bell
545 - Jack Morris


642 - Mackey Sasser
644 - Kevin Romine
647 - Ron Gant

And to think, there are still two more packs from this box filled with mystery left to open.  Well, not open, that's done, but discuss as rational, like-minded individuals. 

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