Monday, January 21, 2013

Pin Me!

Not every tobacco premium was a baseball card.  In addition to cards, they sometimes inserted discs with pictures of baseball players on the front and domino pieces on the back.  Or if not a card, they would insert a pin into a package of cigarettes as the premium.

I happen to own a Domino Disc, which I bought at a local show a few years ago from a dealer who always has the strangest items and cards available, though I never did pick up a pin.  One, I was afraid of purchasing sharp, hundred year old piece of metal, since many of the pins I saw were rusty and I prefer my hobbies to be tetanus-free.  Two, I never knew how to store a pin of this nature safely.  Three, the only Orval Overall pin I saw for sale was greatly inflated in price. 

So, one morning a few weeks ago, I was checking my Orval Overall saved search results and I saw the pin with a respectable price.  So, I raced over to the computer, turned it on and saw the pin was still there, awaiting a purchase.  Which I finished prior to eating breakfast.

 photo IMG_0002-1_zpsda74bdfc.jpg

The pin has very few flaws on the face of the pin, but the back, which you cannot see is super clean and rust free.  Rust-free is everything on a pin, so when I stick myself, I limit the diseases I can contract from the most dangerous item in my collection.  And owning one pin is enough, as I do not need other faces on round pieces of metal affixed to a stick pin, just waiting to pierce my delicate skin, leaving me with a new hole in my hand and a trip to the doctor. 

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