Friday, January 11, 2013

1973 Topps Ron Cey Rookie Card

If you bid on a card enough times, eventually one of them arrives at your doorstep.  You bid, you get outbid, you lose interest, you come back, you bid on another, so on and so forth. 


With the Ron Cey/Mike Schmidt rookie card, it was always a matter of time and a matter of saying, this will cost more than a blaster.  In fact, I think it costs more than any other 10 cards I've bought for this set, possibly 20, since I ended up getting good deals on 1973 Topps cards throughout the last two years.  The key is to purchase large lots with stars, which is how I ended up with a couple of really cheap Ryans and other fine stars. 

The downside to purchasing the rookie card of the best third baseman of all time is that I am out of excuses for not finishing my 1973 Topps set this year.  There are no difficult cards stopping me from finishing the set.  No extravagant purchases left.  While there is a Ruth and a Phillies team card with Mike Schmidt from the high numbers, there are no stars to stop me. I have to go to shows, search on eBay and find the last 34 cards to finish the set.

So, by year's end, the set will be completed.  The pages full of cards and images of ballplayers from years gone by.  The album bursting with cardboard, ready to sit next to the other album of 100 year old flag cards will be full and put away, with I satisfied in the knowledge that I've put another set to bed. 


  1. Great card. I'm trying to put together the Padres set of 1973 Topps, but I made the decision to leave the three-player "Rookies" cards out of it because of this card. I always wonder how John Hilton feels about being sandwiched between Cey and Schmidt. Maybe he thinks it's cool how valuable his rookie card is. I guess it might be depressing, but 108 career hits is still 108 more than I'll ever get.

  2. I started hunting for that card the other day on the bay. I think the cheapest card I found was going for $90. Think I'm going to have to wait a while before I pickup this classic.

    1. I won the card at auction on eBay and paid a great deal less than $90. It was a little more than I wanted, but it was nowhere near that. With enough patience and a willingness to take a lesser condition, I think you can find it for a little more than 1/3 that price.