Friday, January 25, 2013


Last week, my group break results arrived from Nachos Grande's January group break.  For some strange reason, the Atlanta Braves went unclaimed for a few hours and I was able to snatch them up, since nominally I am an Atlanta Braves fan.  As my "second" team, I landed the Arizona Diamondbacks, a team I end up with on a fairly regular basis.  The downside of the Diamondbacks is their lack of history, which can lead to a paucity of cards in some products, like legends or pre-1998 product.

Out of the six boxes, the highlights for my teams were the below cards.

 photo IMG_0007-1_zps4bdcec0d.jpg

 photo IMG_0017_zps1d454e61.jpg

The Brandon Webb is a box hit from Flair Showcase, while the blue bordered Warren Spahn is a shorter print with a different picture from the base card.  I believe there was actually a pack of Play Ball cards which contained a Greg Maddux and an Eddie Mathews card.  Amazingly, the Maddux was a Cubs card and the Mathews was an insert from the Houston Astros from the half season he played for them in 1967.  To be honest, I never knew he played in Houston until I saw that card.  But that's how group breaks go.

At the end of the break, there were ten packs of 2009 Donruss Americana.  If there were any hits contained within those packs they would be randomed amongst the teams which performed poorly in the break, like the beleaguered Braves.  As I was opening my package (which confused me until I started opening the packs containing cards, I found the below card mixed in.

 photo IMG_0008-1_zps7badfb90.jpg  photo IMG_0014_zpsa4586c59.jpg

While most will think of the Candyman when they see the above card, my thought was Kurn, son of Mog, brother of Worf from Star Trek.  Anytime you can get a numbered card of a Klingon, it is a big win.  As far as group break consolation prizes go, you can't get much better than this.

Tomorrow, we will look at a gold bordered Hall of Famer at the heart of my new set building. 

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