Sunday, September 16, 2012

1973 Topps: So Close Yet So Far

One day, way back in 2010, I convinced myself that I needed to complete a vintage Topps set.  Realistically, I wanted something I could put into a binder and look through and thought a vintage Topps set would be a great way to go.  So, after a day or two of research, I decided to start a 1973 Topps set. 

I started by purchasing lots on eBay.  10, 20, 50, 100 or more cards at once, thinking this the best way to finish the set, usually at a dime or less a card.  And early on, it certainly was.  I quickly filled portions of pages in the binder, but began to amass duplicates, a very highly number of duplicates.  I even managed to completely fill some of the pages in the binder, which was a great feeling of accomplishment.  But with each passing lot, it became more duplicates, less filling in the binder. 

I also took my list to shows and added a decent number of cards at shows, though often the price was much higher.  Eventually, I found a places on eBay where I could select the cards and I made great progress there.  Even better progress than I remembered, since I thought I needed even more cards than I do.  I spent some time trying to find the right, low-grade Schmidt rookie, but never found one I wanted to pull the trigger on. 

And then one day, I stopped, so close, yet so far from completing the set.  There are still holes and I suspect that finishing the 1973 set will happen in 2013.  In putting together my need list, I realize that I tried to complete the set backwards, obtaining all of the easy cards and leaving the hard ones behind.  I only need three of the first 100 cards, Ruth, Clemente and Aaron, not a recipe for success.  I've put my whole list below, so I can track my progress toward completion. 

1 Ruth/Aaron/Mays
50 Roberto Clemente
100 Hank Aaron
130 Pete Rose
190 Bob Gibson
193 Carlton Fisk
210 World Series Summary
245 Carl Yastrzemski
255 Reggie Jackson
257 Yogi Berra
266 Mike Lum
275 Tony Perez
305 Willie Mays
320 Lou Brock
329 Ed Kranepool
330 Rod Carew
338 Checklist 257-396
343 Bobby Murcer - Boyhood Heroes
380 Johnny Bench
399 George Foster
400 Gaylord Perry
440 Glen Beckert
472 Lou Gehrig All Time Leader
473 Hank Aaron All Time Leader
474 Babe Ruth All Time Leader
497 Cardinals Team Card
498 Graig Nettles
517 Pirates Team Card
526 Ollie Brown
529 Milt May
536 Phillies Team Card
544 Von Joshua
545 Orlando Cepeda
552 J.C. Martin
556 Yankees Team Card
562 Wayne Garrett
563 Larry Haney
565 Jim Hickman
566 Lew Krausse
567 Bob Fenwick
569 Walter Alston
570 Bill Singer
571 Rusty Torres
573 Bob Didier
575 Dock Ellis
576 Expos Team Card
580 Joe Pepitone
583 Bob Greif
588 Checklist 529-660
593 Royals Manager
594 Vic Harris
595 Don Gullett
596 Red Sox Team Card
597 Mickey Rivers
600 Dave McNally
601 Pena/Robles/Stelmaszk
604 Jefferson/O'Toole/Stramp
609 Blanks/Garcia/Lopes
610 Freeman/Hough/Webb
611 Coggins/Wohlford/Zisk
612 Lawson/Reynolds/Strom
613 Boone/Ivie/Jutze
614 Bumbry/Evans/Spikes
615 Schmidt/Cey
616 Angolini/Blatric/Garman
617 Rich Chiles
618 Andy Etchebarren
619 Billy Wilson
620 Tommy Harper
630 Denny McLain
631 Tom Matchick
634 Alan Closter
636 Rick Clark
642 Jose Laboy
644 Jack Heidemann
650 Felipe Alou
652 Ted Kubiak
654 Twins Team Card
656 John Ellis
657 Bob Johnson
660 Fred Scherman

Needed as of 9/16/2012 - 91 Cards

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  1. I might have some 1973's. I'll have to look and see what I have.