Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Hall of Famers, Two Relics, Two Dollars (Plus Shipping)

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Carry on!

I can't leave all this fine space unspilled upon.  While searching for more Mike Scott Leading Indicators cards, I found these two cards, sitting on eBay with a lowly $0.99 opening bid and reasonable shipping.  With only a few hours left, I tossed out bids for the opening price and no more.  But a few hours later, I received word that these fine cards were mine for the low, low price of $0.99 each.

Reflecting on this, it seems strange that I paid more for Mike Scott Leading Indicator relics than these relics of Hall of Fame players.  I suspect in part, my willingness to buy as many as I can find for under my set price has led to an increase in their overall price.  And I suspect in part, over-saturation of the relic market has led to the price decreases.  As relics became more commonplace, prices adjust downward, downward to the point that a piece of cloth from a Hall of Famer's jersey becomes worth only a dollar.  If these are in fact, the right values, it leads me to wonder how box prices can remain so high, given that the content once opened becomes so quickly devalued. 

Having missed the better part of 15 years of card collecting, I imagine there was a time getting a relic was great, followed by a time where getting a relic was less than great, followed by a time people thought that not all relics were authentic because some people are less than scrupulous. 

Fortunately for me, I am in the first stage, while the market is in the second to third stage, allowing me to post ridiculous headlines, like "TWO HALL OF FAMERS, TWO RELICS, TWO DOLLARS (plus shipping), because I still enjoy adding relics to my collection.  Plus, there is a pinstripe on the Gwynn card and we all know how cool pinstripes are.


  1. Relics are similar to inserts now. The card companies have released so many relics of greats and star players that they lost some luster over the years.

    Those are still some great looking cards. The price makes them better looking.

  2. Ebay is odd...that Gwynn maybe a week later may have more hits. With SO many cards on ebay, it makes it hard to keep up with all those great cards so a lot slip through the .99 cent bid...GREAT FINDS!!! I love those cards!