Monday, October 15, 2012

30 Minutes At The Card Show: Part 2 SPxtastic

Have you ever been to a card show and by the time you get home, ask yourself, "Self, why didn't you buy those cards?"  Usually the answer is I don't need it or I didn't really want it or most commonly, that dealer wants 10 times the price I would pay online.  However, last month I left behind a stack of cards in a quarter box which made no sense to me.

Thinking I was going to miss this show, I was concerned in two months' time the cards I wanted would be gone.  Of course, to think that cards from a quarter box would be gone, especially hockey cards is a critical failure in understanding the marketplace.

Rounding the corner from my initial purchase, I breeze past the selection of overpriced vintage cards where I occasionally find a card of interest, but in a hurry, have no time to gamble on such an occurrence happening.  Finally, walking past the binders, I reach the quarter boxes, which to my surprise are also five cards for $1 as well.  Looking at the box, I immediately see the die-cut shapes are still there.

Photobucket Photobucket

See, last month I saw these die-cut cards, covered in holograms and walk away.  This time, I purchase 18 1996-1997 SPx cards, though due to rushing and a complete inability to order 18 cards, purchase two Kariyas and Tkachuks, leaving me 34 cards short of completing the set, which as you probably guessed created another set of cards on my want list.  I also picked up the below regular Paul Coffey SP card as well, though I couldn't find a 20th card I wanted for no additional cost, which is better for my boxes, but not for my need to make the most of every quarter. 


The cards themselves are fine, though it did show me I need to clean my scanner.  With these cards purchased, I was all but ready to leave, but my regular dealer awaited, where I of course, made more purchases, but that will have to wait until Part 3. 


  1. like the helps me when design plastic cards...thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Design and shade selection admire me a lot and shows the extraordinary skills of designer.....